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Find reviews/testimonials regarding Christopher's work below.

"Christopher Michael, who was recently interviewed for BroadwayWorld, played Jean Michel with endearing earnestness and impressive tumbling abilities. 



"...and her firebrand boyfriend Jean-Michel, played by SRT 2023 resident company member Christopher Michael. Michael, who served as director/ choreographer for SRT Jr., notably appeared in SRT’s Sunday in the Park with George, and played Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid: The Musical.


"...along with her rebel squeeze Jean-Michel, played by SRT 2023 resident company member Christopher Michael."


Christopher Michael in Jersey Boys

"...while bandmate Hank Majewski is played by Christopher Michael. All of the actors play multiple roles throughout the show.

From the brightly lit stage, the cast and crew deliver a riveting show that is sometimes tragic, occasionally irreverent, and ultimately meaningful — just like the real lives and musical careers of the four unlikely stars from Belleville, New Jersey."


"...member of a colorfully memorable police force crime-busting team... and likewise Christopher Michael makes sparks in their multi-role appearances..”


Christopher Michael in Clue
Christopher Michael in Elf

"Chris knocked it out of the park and completely embodied the character of Buddy the Elf. He was so eye catching, energetic, and his comedic choices were absolutely brilliant. His extreme talent and love for the stage was very apparent. I thoroughly enjoyed his portrayal and am so excited to see him in future roles. ”


"...and Tobias Ragg played by Christopher Michael stole every scene he was in! He is a beast. I found myself watching him even when he was sleeping on the floor. He is one hell of an artist.”


Christopher Michael in Sweeney Todd
Christopher Michael in Sweeney Todd

“And Christopher Michael, who entertains with some cool gymnastics, is fabulous as the dim-witted Tobias Ragg, who truly becomes unhinged.”


Christopher Michael was seamless as he stepped into the role of Prince Eric during our run of The Little Mermaid with Prather Productions. Not only was he incredibly prepared for our put-in of the role, but the ease and grace he brought to the character was nothing short of inspirational. What I admire most about Christopher’s readiness as an understudy was that he filled the shoes of the actor who had already established Eric, while staying true to himself and who he believed that character was. A reliable performer through and through. ”


Christopher Michael in The Little Mermaid
Christopher Michael in Next to Normal

“Meanwhile, Natalie meets Henry (Christopher Michael) at school. Henry is one of the saving graces of this musical.

--- earnest, loveable, a bit goofy. He is Natalie’s emotional opposite, and exactly what she needs. And as invisible as she feels, he sees her.

He is a bright spot in the musical, adding much-needed humor, and the audience cheers for their budding romance...”


"The cast of “Next to Normal” performed live on More in the Morning on Thursday as a sneak peek of the show..."

Christopher Michael in Next to Normal
Christopher Michael in LEGOLAND Mike's Mic Drop

"The dancers were talented and high-energy, and interacted with the crowd. Ending the day dancing to "Everything Is Awesome" was the cherry on top of our visit."

"The performers are what truly sell this show. Standouts include Christopher Michael, a performer/dance captain, who perfectly blends stomach dropping stunts with bubbly, lighthearted energy. This cast consistently delivers joy no matter what character they are portraying that show."

Christopher Michael in The Big Test
Christopher Michael

"He is a dedicated performer, earnest collaborator, and talented director, actor, vocalist, and dancer. I have relied on him immensely throughout the development of the project, and am very grateful for his positivity and generous spirit. Christopher continually demonstrates initiative, leadership, and the drive that is necessary to build a successful career in theatre. I have been immensely impressed."

"Beyond his musical skills, Chris has an open, thoughtful personality. He is well-spoken and intellectual, and he lights up when talking about new ideas and theatrical trends... He is a thinker and a doer, and shares my philosophy that all students should have the opportunity to shine on stage."


Christopher Michael instructing Broadway Bootcamp
Christopher Michael in Footloose

"Chris transforming from a genuinely terrifying portrayal of Chuck, oozing toxic masculinity, into a bubbly KING for his curtain call..."


"The Princes’ “Agony” song was a highlight, spoofing the common human trait of always wanting what we can’t have. (Christopher Michael...)​."


Christopher Michael in Into the Woods
Christopher Michael in Into the Woods

"Into the Woods, a new production at MSU, is proof positive that the musical theatre program has come into its own. The able cast (mostly undergraduates) is more than equal to the challenges of Sondheim's score. And the two princes Case DeKoning and Christopher Michael did their duet "Agony" with perfection."


"The tap dancing and Busby-Berkeley-inspired choreography was fun — and pretty non-stop as the sweet, campy dialogue bridged quickly from song to song.  (Choreographer Alisa Hauser with assistant Christopher Michael)."


Christopher Michael in Dames at Sea
Christopher Michael in Tuck Everlasting

"We would be remiss not to acknowledge the hard work of the ensemble, who, aside from moving set pieces swiftly, fill the stage in many moments as dancers and auxiliary characters... Christopher Michael, who possesses a killer smile."

"... (CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL) dancers (some with super-nimble moves) plenty of space to show off during several stage-stomping numbers."

Christopher Michael in Tuck Everlasting
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