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With 10+ years in the industry both as a performer and educator, Christopher offers top tier, innovative choreography for musicals, dance competitions, camps, as well as instructing various dance styles.


Christopher is a passionate arts educator, specializing in theatre and dance techniques. He has experience resident teaching, theatre education programming, as well as subbing classes in musical theatre/dance.

master classes

Christopher is available for master classe, workshops, coaching and private dance lessons! He is passionate toward sharing his love for the arts with young performers. After all, they are the next generation of artists!


College Audition Prep: coaching prescreens, editing resumes/website, writing letters of recommendation, etc.

Summer Stock: coaching audition videos, how to prepare, where to find auditions

Professional Advice: setting up actor sites (Actor's Access, Backstage, etc.)

Performance Reels: editing/designing, choreographing routines, coaching songs

Looking for something else? Contact me!!



Ayani (Student)

“Christopher Michael was one of the most inspiring directors I’ve ever had. He was always so uplifting and awesome to work with. He taught me lots of things about musical theater techniques, and was very encouraging. He has inspired me to really reach for my goals. I'm very excited to see what he does next!"

Charlie Munday (Mentor)

He is gentle with kids but knows when to turn on his authority and immediately demand their attention, he was respected and loved by all the students -- his assistance in demanding the room of students and keeping them in line and focused was integral to the success of the production. His choreography was innovative, fresh and captivated the audience - he is excellent at taking a group of students with varied skilled level and showing everyone's best, allowing everyone to perform with vigour and excitement while still spotlighting more talented dancers."

Allie (Dancer)

"I had the privilege of being able to have Chris choreograph a duet for me and my partner this competition season. Chris is an amazing teacher/choreographer that ensured me and my partners comfortability. Part of this included asking us our strengths/favorite moves to make sure we're comfortable performing this dance. He always had motivation for us, amazing advice, and lifted us up. He pushed us to do better everyday. "
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